Our Projects

Across different mobility industries, innovate operational efficiency and open up new revenue streams with our vehicle data.


From vehicle monitoring to auto-finance, pioneer the future of mobility service with our data-based products.


Provide fleet management service for small-medium sized businesses to optimize asset utilization.


Provide fleet management system for special purpose vehicles (SPV) and conduct R&D projects with various research facilities.

Customer support vehicle monitoring system

Devices provision to monitor on-site repair service vehicles of SK Home & Service. Integrated with 3rd party’s LBS system. 

Wholesale fleet management service

Fleet management service & device for end-users through Tier 1 Korean mobile carrier SK Telecom. (B2B2C)  

Commercial vehicle management system

Client-dedicated and commercial vehicle management system for Hanwha-Total.                          


Vehicle reimbursement system

Devices provision for vehicle reimbursement service company in US.                             

Rental car monitoring system

Rental car management solution with our device for rental corporates in Jeju island, Korea                      


Electric vehicle monitoring system

Developed electrical delivery vehicle monitoring device with Korea post.                         


Garbage truck monitoring system

Public waste pickup monitoring solution in City of Bucheon to provide real-time task monitoring and reduce operational expenses.

CO2 emission monitoring system

Developed carbon emission monitoring device for C-point service with Korea Transporation Safty Auth. 

Vehicle energy efficiency monitoring system

Developed device and service for energy efficiency monitoring with Korea Enviroment Corp.