ViewCAR Connected Car Platform


Connect to ViewCAR and change your car from a simple transportation to
A connected car with various contents.

Emergency Rescue System E-Call

  • Service overview
    • Key feature of transportation safety service that enables emergency service request automatically in a serious accident
    • JastecM’s products and solutions are specialized for connected car aftermarket.
    • International standardization (ISO/CD20530) based on JastecM’s patent is under way.
  • Expected effect
    • According to Korean MOLIT’s (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport) study, traffic accident casualty’s rate is expected to drop by 30%
    • Cost reduction on an annual traffic accident recovery is expected while reducing the causalities
    • Saving response time up to 50% through emergency rescue system

E-Call ViewCAR Service

Key features of smart device application
Connected to automobile ICT


IoT-based standard
research and development
Development of terminal
for A/M
E-call center
  • Standardization organization and domestic and international standard analysis
  • IoT standard platform based reference model development
  • VoLTE
  • Bluetooth
  • 802.11x (+ UTIS)
  • CALM
  • One-M2M
  • Terminal and e-Call Center Requirements Standard
  • Development of accident judgment algorithm
  • Fail Call Processing plan
  • e-Call communication application protocol and interface standard
  • M2M, smartphone type standard terminal
  • Utilization of sensors in vehicles and the inside of vehicles
  • Automatic e-Call Trigger
  • Security standard between terminal and e-call center
  • Big data-based learning evolution system using external data such as accident information and geographic information
  • Develop criterion and processes for handling incident response