ViewCAR Connected Car Platform


Connect to ViewCAR and change your car from a simple transportation to
A connected car with various contents.

Introduction of device

Five Strong Points of Von-S Series Product
Two Functionalities For Fleet Mgt. and Diagnostic
Fleet Management
  • Radio Interface
    Various Data Modems were integrated in our devices, we designed the protocols for narrow band.
    • Lightweight Data Model
      • Raw Sensor Information(Tracked Driving Record)
      • Statistically representative value (Trip)
      • Min, Max, Moving Average ,Median Value
    • IoT Protocol
      • MQTT / JSON
      • Protocol Buffer, Message Pack Fail Over
    • supported
      • Confirmed Message vs Unconfirmed
    • Message
      • upported for Network Shadow Zone Time Zone Calibration
  • Information Security
    We considered the all aspects against the hacker and securitized personal information
    • Firmware Level Security
      • Embedded Security Chip
      • For Security Base
      • Secured Boot against hacking Personal
    • Information Security
      • Each Private keys per devices
      • Format Preserved Encryption Network Security
      • Private Key and Public Key For TLS
      • MQTTS, HTTPS supported Key Injection
    • Security
      • Assured Key Injection in Factory
      • PKI Infrastructure established in Process
  • Peripherals
    GPS, Accelerometer was fine tuned for commercial level.
    • Assured GPS(AGPS etc.)
      • Fast Time To First Fixation
      • Data Channel for Assistant GPS
    • Precisely calibrated accelerometer
      • Autonomous X,Y,Z Offset Calibration
      • API for Precision Tilting Compensation
      • Autonomous Yaw, Roll, Pitch Calibration
Diagnostic System
  • Proprietary PID Access
    Currently, We built proprietary PID(Maker PID, MPID) Data set in Korean Market.
    • Asian OEM Vehicle MPID
      • HKMC All MPID(2009-2015) – 90%
      • Japan OEM(50%), GM-50%,VW - 50%
    • The Process of building MPID
      • MPID instead of Standard OBD
      • Building process MPID per Vehicle Trim
      • FW supported seamless
    • BCM Wake-Up
      • Door Lock/Unlock
      • Technology be to waked from the selpt
  • Remote Fault Diagnostic
    We support to monitor sensor simultaneously for Car Expert about the Remote Fault Diagnostics
    • Simultaneous Sensor Monitoring
      • Negotiation of detail the sensor information.
      • Capability negotiation etc.
    • functionality Analytics for Schema less DB
      • TSDB(influx DB) , Analytics tool(Grapana) supported
      • API For 3rd Party
    • Combined Other Tech
      • Triggering API Supported
      • Extended For EWI, predictive maintenance
  • Standard OBD-II
    covers both generic & manufacturer PID which can prevent OBD fault
      • To Check the Supported Standard OBD
      • Avoidance from Vehicle Software bug
Device Security
Device Security & Firmware Architecture
Device verification based on PKI Certification
Flash Read Out Protection
Secure Key store – Applied JTAG readout protection & secure boot
MQTT & Secure FOTA based on TLS
PKI encrypted External communication (USB,BLE)
Location information security
GPS data security & Data volume lightening method Encrypted GPS data
AES 128 bit Encrypted Start・End Coordinates
Steganography + FPE applied for relative coordinates
Enabling map data deletion
→ Only indicates hazardous driving events & a trip route
Accuracy of Service information
Hazardous driving event detection through Gryo Sensor + G-Sensor using Madgwick Algorithm
Detect sharp turn, u-turn, sudden stop events
Used for Usage Based Insurance[UBI], eCall Service