ViewCAR Connected Car Platform


Connect to ViewCAR and change your car from a simple transportation to
A connected car with various contents.


Car-Sharing Solution with OBD-II installation, Car-share
Simple & Handy
Car-sharing service only with OBD-II terminals
- Easy sharing solution with car sharing solution Vshare
- Remote vehicle communication and diagnosis, vehicle security and control, and cloud-based traffic control services.
Examples of third-party car sharing solutions
Increasing the cost of labor for installation but decreasing vehicle prices due to through terminal components of complex car sharing solution and the installation (remodeling)
High compatibility error rate between smartphone application and device
It is required a driver identification card (RFID)
Limited Service Targeted Vehicle Models
Frequent use of vehicle sensors, highly inaccuracy of RPM and
mileage due to omissions of vehicles driving-related information
JastecM Car Sharing Solution, VShare
Being taken action completely with car sharing solution only by installing VShare device (2 types of communication and non-communication) in OBD-II terminal
Deal with various customers’ needs through installing the standard MQTT protocol and the client company’s program
Providing remote starting control of a car with smartphone only, smart key, driver identification function (RFID card removal)
Implementation of function that sends the e-call for emergency rescue using OBD's G sensor and airbag detection sensor
Providing various service-compatible vehicle models
Providing accurate vehicle diagnostics and 15 major consumable supplies