ViewCAR Connected Car Platform


Connect to ViewCAR and change your car from a simple transportation to
A connected car with various contents.

Car care service with EWI

Program features and Products

Program Service Customer satisfaction
Vehicle sales Customer Car Care Service Visit an affiliate repair shop Induce rejoining
Used car
EWI policy
ViewCAR subscription
Monitor vehicle’s condition in every driving trip and provide driving habit assistances. Auto vehicle management service is provided as well. Immediate maintenance service is possible in case where vehicle breakdown diagnosis has been detected.

Breakdown analysis conducted based on a customer’s vehicle maintenance history DB
Earn and build customer loyalty by providing a handy vehicle management service
Within 7 years since the initial registration date and within 140,000 km of mileage

Domestic cars and import vehicles

Passenger cars, passenger vans less than 16 passengers, cargo trucks less than 1.4 tons

Except for business and special vehicles

Excluding electric cars

Warranty period: 1 year
- Engine (including ECU & Radiator)
- Transmission (including TCU and radiator)
- Steering wheel
- Brake system
- Conditioning equipment for air conditioner & heating (with air conditioner)
- Up to KRW 2 million
- Self-deductible: KRW 100,000 per repair
TPA call center available for repair request reception Purchase a used car at a reasonable price based on management scores of the car owners

Maintain customer marketing channels
Paid EWI products, which are B2C business models, are expanding coverage and benefits
Prevents serious breakdowns by repairing minor faults and breakdowns ahead of time through vehicles condition monitoring
The expected effect of customer&dealer
Sales increase expected for the automobile dealers as the customer satisfaction and reliability increase through EWI. Meanwhile customers can increase their satisfaction by improving driving habits while reducing the anxiety of repair costs. ※ Proposing conditions may be differed by insurance companies
  • Dealer
    • - Vehicle sales increase expected by securing customer reliability
    • - More commercialization profit through navigation and blackbox available
    • - Extra profits expected through driving habits insurance (UBI), tour maintenance, etc.
    Increase sales confidence
  • Customer
    • - Cut expensive repair cost of imported used cars
    • - One year total vehicle management service VIewCAR Pro for free of charge
    • - Improving fuel efficiency and driving behavior through driving coaching enhancement
    • - Driving habits insurance (UBI) ∙ Car carbon pointers Cost savings
    Improve driving habits and driver’s satisfaction